Best Affordable Personal Trainer Singapore: Rates & Charges


The first thought that comes up while thinking of hiring a personal trainer is to invest a lot of money and time into your fitness journey.

Though everything in life requires effort and time, everything may not be expensive. There are ways and tips with which we can help you hire an affordable personal trainer.

Let’s get started!

Why Should You Engage in Personal Training?

People are generally scared while they start their fitness journey to manage everything- from working out, learning different techniques, or creating a personalized routine.

Here comes the role of an expert instructor in Singapore. Such an individual can help to assess your fitness levels or strength, craft a personalized workout regime for you and help you achieve it.

Additionally, since this person has professional qualifications and credentials in the field, he or she knows how to help you achieve your health goals according to your needs and preferences.

No individual is exactly the same and a professional will help you accomplish your health goals in a realistic time frame. At the same time,  he or she will motivate you to avoid procrastination with the right guidance.

Affordable Personal Trainer Rates or Cost of Hiring a Personal Trainer

Before you move on to learning the tips to hire a budget-friendly instructor, it is important to have a glance at the cost of hiring this individual. Personal training rates in Singapore can differ greatly based on different factors.

According to Fit Asia, on an average, the fees for a single personal training session can range anywhere from SGD 60 to SGD 150.

However, this cost is based on the experience of the trainer and whether you are getting the training at the gym or not. In the case of the latter option, the cost will be influenced by the location and the facilities of the gym as well.

Moreover, certain trainers might charge more if they are providing you with certain specific regimens for weight loss or other such issues.

Training sessions conducted in a group at the local gyms generally cost less when compared to one-on-one sessions at your own place.

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Factors that Impact Personal Trainer Costs in Singapore

There are a number of factors that determine the total cost of hiring a fitness instructor. Once you know these factors you can determine accordingly and choose the best possible trainer for your health goals. Let’s have a look at them:

1. Gym-Sponsored Trainers or Independent Fitness Trainers

As the name itself suggests, gym-sponsored trainers are the people who work with the gym.  When you hire a gym-sponsored trainer, chances are that you will have to get trained at the gym itself.

However, if you prefer one-on-one sessions, then you may be inclined towards independent trainers who can provide you with private training sessions.

Since these sessions are provided in the comfort of your homes, they will be charged more when compared to gym-sponsored sessions.

However, one disadvantage of gym-sponsored trainers is that they may be available only at fixed periods based on the particular gym. Now let’s see another side of the coin.

The major advantage of these trainers is that they do not have any independence and hence have to stick to a fixed payment schedule as fixed by the gym.

2. Regularity and Consistency of the Sessions

The frequency of your various training sessions is directly related to your fitness goal. The goals can vary from fat loss, muscle gain or moderately paced workout schedules.

Once you know your health objectives, you can choose a trainer, according to his or her session availability. If you want to have multiple sessions per week, then you should be paying a higher value when compared to bi-weekly sessions.

3. Type of Exercises to Achieve Your Fitness Goal

It is very clear that the type of exercise you learn from your trainer will also have an impact on the cost of hiring the person. If you want to engage in general exercises then a personal trainer won’t charge a high amount from you.

However, when you indulge in specialized exercise regimens according to your requirements, say HIIT workouts,  then you may higher a specialized trainer.

Clearly, such an individual will charge more because he will have expertise in a specific niche.

Hire a Fitness Instructor on a Budget: Tips & Tricks

A physical fitness trainer can provide you with one-on-one sessions and ensure that you do not get any injuries while improving your overall health.

Another sound benefit of a trainer is that he or she can hold you accountable and keep track of your progress. Here are the different tips you should keep in mind while you go out on a treasure hunt to find a coach on a budget.

1. Assess Your Budget

The first aim in your process to find a instructor on a budget is to assess your budget. Your budget refers to the amount that you can safely spend on hiring a trainer and achieving fruitful results.

Besides, if you do not have a budget plan or programme, then it will become very tough for you to find the right person for the job.

Apart from the budget, you should also determine whether you will be paying per month, per year, or per session. the importance of setting realistic expectations regarding your budget beforehand, cannot be stated enough.

2. Go Through the Payment Plans and Offers

In this era of digitalization and marketing, generally every company, individual or business provides offers and discounts from time to time to the customers. So you have to make use of these offers when you consider hiring a personal trainer.

Ask questions regarding the payment plans from your prospective instructor. Make sure to ask how they are willing to justify the cost and most importantly, help you achieve your fitness goals.

You can also ask if they will be giving you a discount when you sign up for all the training sessions at once. Generally, fitness instructors provide flexible pricing plans to the clients.

So all you have to do is to be attentive and ask the payment structure beforehand.

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3. Virtual Training

Though this option may not be as effective as personal training,  you can give it a second thought if you have a budget shortage.

Virtual training is similar to personal training except that it will be done via a video screen. Under this type of training, your instructor will guide you and help you workout over FaceTime.

Besides being less expenses, your trainer can connect with you from anywhere, thus leading to flexible schedules.

4. Training in Off-Peak Hours

You can hire personal fitness instructors at an affordable rate if you are willing to work out with them during Off-Peak Hours.

However, this option is relevant only for those people who are generally free during these busy hours and are not working at their offices.

But make sure you know that lunch hours, early morning and even evening times are the busiest of options where the rates would be the highest.


Thus, this was all you need to know if you are willing to higher inexpensive personal trainers. Moreover hiring less expensive personal trainers in Singapore doesn’t mean that you will not be able to achieve your goals quickly or more efficiently.

Rather, the most important aspect of achieving your health objectives is to put your best efforts in and stay consistent. If you have made up your mind to achieve your goals without being de-motivated, then no one can stop you.

Good luck!