Ragheb Alqarra

Certified Personal Trainer, Certified in Sports Nutrition, Certified in Sports Massage, PT since 2014, Physique competitions

Get ready to be inspired and reach new heights with Coach Rax’s expertise and unwavering dedication. Tailoring personalized workouts to challenge and push you beyond your limits, Coach Rax empowers you to transform your body and mind. Join Coach Rax’s training sessions to redefine your limits and celebrate your achievements.


With a decade of experience, Herika stands out as
an Elite Coach at the International Sports Science
Association. She holds a bachelor’s degree in
physical education and specializes in rehabilitation
for shoulder, back, knee, and hip injuries. Her
expertise extends to aiding individuals with
diabetes and high blood pressure. Herika’s
impressive credentials include certifications in
personal training, corrective exercise, strength and
conditioning, nutrition, and exercise recovery. She
is dedicated to improving her clients’ quality of
life, adopting a holistic approach that shapes lives
through health, fitness, and wellbeing. Her mantra:
“Cheers for the best version of yourself!”


Kety, a graduate in Physical Education from
Brazil, has over 6 years of rich experience in
personal training. Her specialties include
developing tailored fitness programs focused on
strength and conditioning, weight management,
and functional training. Kety is deeply committed
to her clients, offering personalized guidance to
help them overcome their fitness challenges and
achieve their individual goals. Her approach is
holistic and client-centered, making her an
inspirational and impactful personal training


Introducing Jessica, a highly knowledgeable and passionate fitness coach with a commitment to sculpting clients’ fitness goals into reality. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree and postgraduate qualification in Physical Education, along with certifications from ISSA as a Personal Trainer and Austswim, Jessica brings a comprehensive and well-rounded approach to the world of fitness.

Jessica’s expertise goes beyond conventional training, encompassing specialties in personal training, functional exercises, rehabilitation, swimming, and sports in general. Clients witness remarkable transformations as Jessica guides them through a fitness journey, seamlessly combining a wealth of knowledge with a genuine passion for their well-being.

The success story of a client stands as a testament to Jessica’s effectiveness, achieving significant reductions in body fat while gaining muscle definition and enhancing overall strength and stamina under Jessica’s guidance. Join with her on a fitness adventure, and together, embark on a transformative journey towards a healthier, stronger self.


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