What is HIIT Workout? Full Body High Intensity Interval Training 


What is HIIT workout? High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT is a popular form of exercise which includes short bursts of high-intensity workout which then shall be followed by brief periods of rest or lower intensity exercise.

This form of workout has a great impact on cardiovascular as well as anaerobic capacity of the body.

It involves a mix of cardio and strength training exercises like jump squats, mountain climbers, and plank holds and also use of equipment such as dumbbells and bodyweight exercises.

These can be performed with or without the use of equipment and include exercises like sprints on a treadmill or intense cycling.

The main goal of this workout is to push your body limits for a short period of time which will help in burning fat, building muscles and also improve overall fitness.

HIIT is important for aerobic and anaerobic fitness as well as for those who want to increase strength and endurance.

So, let’s get started!

What is HIIT Workout?

High Intensity Interval Training is the form of training that make you go all out for brief periods of time. This brief period would then be followed by a period of low-intensity exercise.

The intense intervals ranges from less than 45 seconds and can lead to multiple minutes. The low intensity period also ranges for the same amount of time.

HIIT takes is best for people who have limited time or resources. This training is quick and requires about 15-20 minutes.

It can be done from anywhere and at anytime as per your schedule. There is no need of you to go to a gym or buy any sort of equipment. Also you get wide range of benefits.

HIIT exercises also increase heart rate quickly, exercise like running or cycling make a great addition for this purpose.

Exercises that increase your heart rate quickly, like running or cycling, make a great addition to a HIIT routine. You can also go for a brisk walk, hop on a rowing machine or climb stairs.

Plus, you can always do full-body calisthenics like jumping jacks, burpees and squats. Your aim should be to do HIIT two to three times a week – depending on the intensity of your workouts.

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Benefits of HIIT Exercises

1. Full Body HIIT Workout Helps Burn Calories

A study recently compared caloric expenditure during 30 minutes of HIIT, weight training, running and biking – with HIIT burning 25 to 30% more calories.

HIIT is therefore a great choice for anyone who wants to burn a lot of calories in an efficient way.

This study involved participants undertaking an exercise known as HIIT. Each repetition was 20 seconds of maximal effort, followed by a 40-second rest period.

This meant they only had to exercise for one-third of the time that those who were running and biking had to. While the overall workout session took 30 minutes, HIIT workouts often last much shorter.

Despite this, they still burn the same number of calories as traditional exercise sessions.

2. It Increases Metabolic Rate for Hours after HIIT Training

Research has shown that HIIT exercise can have a powerful effect on your metabolism, lasting for hours beyond when you’re done exercising.

People taking part in HIIT exercises burn more calories than those performing jogging or weight training. If you’re looking to optimize your calorie burn, HIIT might be the right choice for you.

3. High-Intensity Interval Workout is Efficient

American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) reports suggest that HIIT gives similar benefits as endurance training like jogging and biking but in a much shorter amount of time.

Another study states that young and healthy adults who performed 3 quick HIIT workouts in a week saw improvement in their cardiorespiratory fitness in just 4 weeks.

You can try an effective HIIT session with Tabata training method. This is a type of exercise includes 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest – done 8 to 20 times.

4. HIIT Workout Plan will Make you Feel Stronger

Working with HIIT needs focus. You will be working really hard the whole time and might not be able to multitask. You may get out of breath but will definitely feel stronger quickly.

HIIT offers something that other kinds of exercises don’t. You won’t get bored with HIIT – it’s a new challenge for seasoned exercise lovers and an efficient way for new exercise lovers to start feeling strong quickly.

5. Effective Workout can Help in Fat Loss

HIIT is an amazing way which helps in reducing body fat and waist size.

Results from 13 studies and survey of 424 adults, who have obesity or are overweight, revealed that HIIT and conventional moderate-intensity exercise are both effective strategies to lose fat and improve fitness level.

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6. It Helps Gain Muscle Mass

HIIT can be an effective way to help people gain muscle mass. Muscles in the trunk and legs are used the most and may experience the biggest increases.

Less active people are more likely to benefit from this form of exercise in terms of increased muscle mass.

According to studies, HIIT alone may not be the best option for increasing muscle mass. If it gets combined with weight training, HIIT can support some muscle growth.

So, one thing to note is that weight training is still the gold standard for adding muscle mass.

7. 20 Minute HIIT Workout May Not Need Any Equipment

No equipment? No problem. You don’t need any special equipment for a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout.

Running, biking, jump roping, and rowing all work great… but there are plenty of other ways to get your heart rate up quick. High knees, fast feet, or any plyometric exercises (like jump lunges) will do the job.

If you’re looking for HIIT moves you can do at home, try these no-equipment workouts to get started.

8. Beginner Workout Can Be Done Anywhere

High-intensity interval training is an effective and versatile way to work out. With HIIT, you don’t need to be in the same place or have the same amount of time each day. You can adapt it to suit your own schedule and space.

This makes HIIT an excellent choice for everyone, from busy professionals to stay-at-home parents. Just by pushing yourself to go a little harder during short bursts, you can reap the benefits of a HIIT workout almost anywhere.

9. Can Improve Oxygen Consumption

Muscles need oxygen to work effectively, and endurance training can help improve this ability. It usually involves long, steady running or cycling but HIIT can achieve the same results in a shorter time.

Research shows that HIIT can be just as beneficial as long-term exercise for improving oxygen consumption. One study revealed that those who did 20-minute HIIT workouts four times a week saw a 9% improvement.

Similarly, those who exercised for 40 minutes four days per week increased their oxygen by the same amount.

Another study showed that after 8 weeks of either HIIT or regular exercise, both groups experienced an increase of 25% in oxygen consumption.

But the HIIT group only used 60 minutes of exercise each week, compared to the traditional group’s 120 minutes. Other studies have mirrored those results – HIIT leads to increased oxygen uptake in just a fraction of the time.

10. It Helps Reduce BP, Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

Research suggests that High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) can be beneficial to people with overweight or obesity. Studies have shown that HIIT may reduce heart rate and blood pressure for these people.

Since high blood pressure is especially common in such population, HIIT may help them improve their overall health.

A recent study found that adults with high blood pressure could lower their blood pressure by doing HIIT on a stationary bike for 8 weeks. This was just as effective as 30 minutes of traditional endurance training done 4 days a week.

Only 20 minutes was needed 3 times per week to get the same result. In some cases, HIIT may reduce blood pressure more than moderate-intensity exercise.

But, normal BMI range and normal blood pressure won’t normally be affected by higher intensity exercise.

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Thus, HIIT workouts are a great way to improve your fitness and overall health. They are high-intensity, but low-impact, so they can fit different types of body shapes and abilities.

Personal trainers or following an HIIT program online work well. Doing 3 HIIT workouts each week will help your strength and endurance improve.

A typical HIIT circuit can involve sprints, burpees, and mountain climbers – moments of intense activity followed by a rest.

Plank position uses various muscle groups and helps you strengthen them, being a major aspect of HIIT workouts. With consistency, your body gets better and you can work even harder.

This form of exercise works for everyone, athletes as well as beginners. Switch up your workout routine with HIIT.

Good Luck!