If you are in search of the best personal training session in Singapore, then this is the right place you have come across. With a variety of options out there in the market, looking for a personal trainer in Singapore can be a daunting task.

However, with the right tips and tricks, you can always find the best certified personal trainer at the most affordable rates.

Here are some of the qualities skills and traits you must know to find the best personal trainer in Singapore. But before moving on to these traits, let’s know the options where you can find a physical trainer.

Finding the Best Certified Physical Trainer in Singapore

Do you want to get in shape? Or do you want to achieve your fitness goal of fat loss or strength training?

No matter what your fitness and health objectives are, a gym personal trainer can always help you achieve your fitness level with the most effective techniques.

So if you are on the lookout for personalised training,  then here are some places which you should look out.

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1. Look Out for One- on- One Personal Training in Gyms

As you must know, there are several physical fitness trainers available at the gyms. You should always give try to look out for the best personal trainer at fitness centres or gyms.

Generally, the receptions at these places have local records of the personal trainers. When you look at these local records, make sure to understand certain requirements of the fitness trainers.

2. Look for Certified Personal Trainer in Singapore Online

In this era of digitalisation, almost everything is available with just a click. So why not look out for the online personal

training sessions?

You can connect with them via their contacts, ask them about their credentials or request some testimonials. Testimonials can help you verify whether the affordable personal trainer will help you achieve your fitness goals or not.

In case, the personal trainers have contacts of their previous clients, then it will help you get a word with them. Since you are going to spend a lot of time with this person, make sure to hire the right one.

3. Networks or Word of Mouth Referrals

Another great way to look out for certified physical trainers to achieve your goals is through word-of-mouth referrals. Word-of-mouth referrals simply mean getting recommendations from people who had hired personal trainers in the past.

If these trainers helped people to achieve their fitness programme, then there are higher chances that they may be dedicated to helping you achieve the same.

To get word-of-mouth referrals, you need to explore your networks and ask them about the best trainers in Singapore

Traits & Characteristics to Look for in a Good Personal Fitness Trainer

Conducting your research beforehand is very crucial while you look out for a good physical trainer. This research primarily aims at knowing the different skills and traits you want in your physical trainer. Let’s have a look at these traits.

1. Qualifications & Education

No doubt education and qualifications are some of the most important traits to look out for in a professional personal trainer to improve your overall health. Otherwise, a person like you can even claim to be a fitness trainer.

Make sure the trainer you hire has qualifications from an industry- recognized institution. Besides having qualifications and credentials, it is also very important for personal trainers to keep upscaling themselves for their professional development.

These individuals can attend workshops or take part in courses relating to their industry. They may even attend certain fitness events because the fitness industry is an ever-evolving industry.

So staying up to date with the latest changes is very necessary for a good personal trainer to help you stay on track.

2. Truthful

Honesty is the building block of any relationship, be it a professional one or a personal one. Just imagine a scenario where you hire an individual who claims to have the best qualifications and certification in the field.

However, in the end, you get to know that the person was lying and has just basic fitness knowledge. This will not only waste your time but also destroy your expectations.

Hence, no doubt why an open and transparent working relationship is necessary between you and a qualified personal trainer in Singapore.

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3. Patience

Being patient is a very important soft skill for a fitness trainer.  Generally during workouts, people are always struggling with motivation and get impatient when they do not see any results.

Due to this, experienced personal trainers who are patient and can train people of different ages and abilities will always stand the upper hand when compared to an impatient trainer.

In certain cases, it generally takes time for the top personal trainers in Singapore to assess the right kind of training module for the client.

If your trainer is impatient, then he/she may not even wait for the right time and will always be in a hurry. On the other hand, patient personal gym trainers will always wait for you to cope with their speed and get results with time.

4. Understandable

The right expert trainers will always teach you in a language that you understand.  Moreover, trainers will work to tell you the benefits of particular exercises, fitness assessment, or training programs crafted for you.

When you are included in the process, you can better understand which exercise targets which muscle and what is the outcome of it.

5. Motivating

Personal training is a very dynamic job. There will be no 2 people who are the same for a personal trainer. So, it becomes crucial for a personal trainer to adopt different types of motivational styles for different audiences.

Moreover, what is the meaning of a personal physical trainer if he or she can’t motivate you? One of the major reasons for hiring the trainer, apart from guidance,  is to get yourself motivated which you may not be able to do while working out alone.

6. Flexible

As stated above personal training is a dynamic job. Moreover, as the name itself suggests, a physical trainer has to work with you personally. He/she has to craft a personalised approach for your health and fitness schedule.

For the same reason, personal trainers cannot use a one-size-fits-all strategy. They have to be adaptive and keep on updating your training programme according to your constantly changing requirements.

Another important requirement to be adaptive is to keep on upgrading themselves with the latest trends in the industry.

7. Organised

No matter in which field you work, being organised is really important. If you are going to hire a physical personal trainer in Singapore then being organised is an important skill to look for.

Every individual has 24 hours in a day. But the person who can make the most use of these 24 hours in the best productive manner is always more organized when compared to others.

If you hire a person who is organised then he or she can help you move through your fitness journey smoothly.

On the other hand, someone reckless will just pass the time with you and make you feel demotivated for not achieving the results soon.

Hence achieving targets with the best time management techniques can only be possible with an organised person.

8. Passionate

Passion is something that keeps you going to reach the Pinnacle of success.  Being passionate is required in all fields, even when you are hiring a physical trainer. You have to be passionate about achieving your fitness goals with the help of this person.

A passionate physical trainer will always bring optimism and positive energy to your sessions thus, enhancing your motivation levels. Besides this, a passionate person also has the analytical skills needed to help clear all the obstacles.

With the right amount of dedication and hard work, he or she will never disheartened with failures. Instead, such a personal trainer will help you to rise from the failures and achieve your health goals.

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Red Flags to Avoid in a Private Trainer

Now having discussed the qualities to look for in a personal trainer, we will move on to the red flags that you would not prefer to have in your coach.

Look for a person who is also willing to provide you with nutrition advice. Dietary suggestions complement your exercise plan and help you achieve your fitness goals in a better way.


All you shall know is when you consider hiring someone for your personal fitness training. Prior to research and connecting with personal trainers directly, it is very essential to search your networks.

Word-of-mouth referrals shall be asked as it will save you time and they are more credible.

Good Luck!

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