Cost of Fitness Trainer: Personal Trainer Rates in Singapore


When starting a fitness journey, people consider hiring a personal trainer. He/She will help them achieve fitness goals with their training program. The cost of hiring a personal trainer depends on a number of factor which we will discuss in the following article.

One important factor is the type of session i.e. a one on one personal session or a group setting. Per session rates for personal training are comparatively higher than group training sessions.

Also, the cost of fitness trainer may be influenced by the client’s platform membership fees. Some platforms allows personal training packages as part of their membership plans while other platforms may ask for additional fee.

The level of experience and expertise the trainer has, the frequency and duration of the sessions may also impact the cost of the trainer. For Example: small group session and hourly session are more affordable for people on a budget.

It is important for people to know what they need and require in a personal trainer as their physical and health conditions. It will help them find the best person to accommodate their needs and wants.

So,  let’s get started.

An Insight into Personal Fitness Trainers

A personal trainer is a certified professional who with his skills and knowledge help design programs as per individual’s needs.

  • They make sure that the program designed is safe and effective.
  • They guide you with nutritional and general health advice.
  • You’ll get advice on affect of sleep and stress on day to day life.
  • A trainer provides you with customized workout plans as per your body needs.

Personal Trainers can help those wanting to achieve health and fitness goals. The training sessions are one-on-one but can be given in groups of two or three.

There are different types of personal trainers in the industry. Some specialize in supporting a particular group of clients, while others may work with a range of customers.

A trainer offers you the tools to optimize your health and make better life choices.

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Cost of Fitness Trainer

Bureau of Labor Statistics defines that the average annual salary for fitness professionals across the U.S. is $40,700.

This amount includes salaries of not just personal trainers but various fitness-related jobs. Fitness professionals make more or less than this amount depending on the region.

Personal trainers in Singapore charge around $60 an hour which leads to around $240 a month. Though, these could be affected depending on location, experience and demand.

Rates may be higher in cities and metropolitan areas as there is high demand for fitness services due to high cost of living.

Factors Affecting Personal Trainer Cost in Singapore

1. Location

Where you live makes a difference when it comes to personal training rates. Rates are usually higher in places with bigger populations and more expensive lifestyles.

But if you live in smaller cities or rural areas, you’ll find that rates tend to be lower.

2. Consider Experience & Certifications While You Hire a Personal Trainer

Having a certified personal trainer provides assurance to their clients that their professional has the experience and certifications needed.

As a result, certified personal trainers tend to charge higher rates than those without formal qualifications.

Experienced personal trainers can ask for higher rates as they have a proven success record and many clients. They have an extra edge when they specialize in one particular are like strength and conditioning or pre/postnatal fitness.

An experienced personal trainer with 10 years or more under their belt could charge 25-50 percent more than a recently certified one.

3. Average Costs According to Demographic

Personal trainer deal with different ages and backgrounds, offering everyone the opportunity to achieve their fitness level goals.

These groups have different levels of income, trainers shall understand the client’s financial situation and offer prices accordingly. This makes sure everyone gets the chance to get training they require irrespective of their budget.

4. Rates According to Results

The prices of professional personal trainers depends on the results they help their clients and gives hope and opportunity accordingly to reach their goals. This clearly denotes the trainer’s confidence and with right assistance, people can get the outcomes they desire.

Trainers use different approaches for different clients for them to reach their specific goals. Even if they use same scientific methods, the amount of resources vary.

For example: a healthy person with an active background will have goals not too high and they’ll take less time and effort to reach their goals. Someone who does not exercise regularly and is overweight will take more time to achieve goals.

It all depends on the individual.

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Thus, client shall know the factors that affect the cost of personal training sessions. Frequent and long sessions with specific needs will have higher cost. For example, rehab or sport-specific training will cost more as additional planning expertise is required.

Location is an important aspect, the place where the training takes place can also affect overall costs. If someone has to travel to their client’s place, they may charge more.